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Welcome to Sara-Syrah. Born out of our love for fine wine, hand crafted olive oils and delicious food, Sara-Syrah is fast becoming the premiere fine wine, olive oil and gourmet food distributor in Central California.  Providing carefully selected handcrafted wines, olive oils, vinegars and gourmet food items from the Central Coast of California. 

​Sara-Syrah was founded in 2012 by Sara Irwin in order to bring the hidden wine and food gems of the Central Coast of California to the people of the world. We specialize in distributing small batch wines and uniquely created gourmet food products. We provide the small wine, olive oil and gourmet food producer an excited and involved team of representatives that is passionate about getting their products into the broader market place. 

In San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Kern counties our relationship built network of restaurants, winery tasting rooms and specialty wine and food stores allows us to focus our energy on providing the personal attention and product understanding that each one of our producers deserves. We get to know our growers and producers so that our customers can know them too. Through our partnerships with international food and wine brokers we are able to send our locally grown and created products all over the world! Follow the navigation tabs to learn more about who we are and begin exploring the wonderful products we provide.

Contact us Monday - Friday - 805-202-1024.  8am - 5pm

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Distributor of Handcrafted Wines, Olive Oils and Gourmet Foods from the Central Coast of California.